The Difference We Make as a Reliable HIV Pharmacy in Jacksonville

As a leading medication reconciliation pharmacy, our team follows the process to find the errors and eliminate the duplicate therapy, correct/incorrect dosage or frequency information, document allergy information, and update vaccine recommendations.

We are offering you only safe and reliable HIV drugs in and around Jacksonville. As a reputed HIV pharmacy in Jacksonville, the AIDS drugs we sell are FDA approved, and being used by people around the world.


We have several programs available to get your HIV medications completely Free with most insured patients. We have program fr people who can not afford their medications.

Schedule a Delivery at Your Convenient

At CareMax Pharmacy, we make it as convenient as possible to fill, refill and get the medications and supplies you need, when you need them. You can schedule a pharmacy delivery when you need it from our website. No other specialty pharmacy offers you this many flexible options.

As we are committed to providing a value-based health care environment, there is a need to demonstrate a value-based service to patients and the health care system. Our sync program in Pharmacy (medication synchronization-med sync software) helps streamline our pharmacy workflow so patients with multiple prescriptions can make a single pharmacy visit or order various prescription medicine in a single order, each month.

We are Just a Click Away

We’re in an era of unprecedented complexity in healthcare. Patient care is not where it should be. While many of the organizations delivering the care need to get much healthier, too, this is why our vision is to improve care in every setting — serving quality medicines to one patient at a time. And we’re making this happen every day by touching virtually every aspect of online Pharmacy.