At Caremax Pharma, our goal is to provide a higher quality experience with our Best Drugs Prices in Jacksonville and therefore, a higher quality of end products for our patients. Using traditional and non-traditional methods, we create a balanced approach to treat our customer's individual needs.

Caremax Pharma is a modern pharmacy Free Delivery Provider Located in the Jacksonville neighborhood. We specialize in providing a unique approach to medical needs, including access to Pain Medicines, local pharmacy, and as well as other modifications. Our certified staff is happy to help and guide your way to a healthy future.


We know drugs. We have a vast understanding of medicines and their side effects. Our team has undergone additional certifications and training to make sure you are using the safest, most effective products for your health.

A Quality Experience from One-Stop Local Pharmacy

We are always available to answer all of your healthcare questions and concerns. We are dedicated to your well-being.

Free Pharmacy DeliveryCan't come in? No problem. We deliver. Register yourself and fill your prescriptions and have them delivered to you with Free Pharmacy Delivery in Jacksonville.


Our Area of expertise:

Certified Diabetic Educators: Our Pharmacists and staff is trained to provide expert counseling on Diabetes.

Certified Immunizer: Our Pharmacists are certified to take care of all your immunizations need like Flu, Pneumonia, Tdap, Yellow Fever, and many more.

Certified Compounder: Our Pharmacists and staff have years of experience in compounding and confidence to deliver high-quality compounded prescriptions at competitive prices. 

Certified Diabetic Shoe Fitter: Our Pharmacists and staff are certified to fit noncustom Diabetes shoes to diabetic patients and able to fill Medicare for these services.

Point Of care Testing: Our Pharmacists are certified to perform any Point of care Tests such as Flu, Strep, Covid, and many more and able to deliver results in minutes without any wait.

Disease state Consultations:  Our Pharmacists are certified to educate you on your disease and able to provide privacy on confidential consultation on diseases like HIV, Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol, and many more.

Health Screening: Our Pharmacists are certified to perform Many Health screening such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes which include A1C, Cholesterol, PT/INR, and many more.

Medication Synchronization: Our Pharmacists and staff are expert and trained in Medication Reconciliations and Synchronization which reduces Medications errors and improve adherence and reduce Pharmacy visits.

Quit Smoking Program:  Our Pharmacists are trained in helping you quit smoking with various programs we have to offer.

Laboratory OrdersOur Pharmacists can order most of the Laboratory orders at very competitive prices.

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